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NYNW Theatre Festival Successes
Performances who have received resources from NYNW Panelists / Festival attendees

'12 Angry Voices' Produced by Lauren Class Schneider Broadway Producer and NYNW panelist Lauren Class Schneider leads cast of all star Broadway women as this project begins national tour launching at NYNW. Notable that NYNW’s performance may have been Lynn Cohen’s (Hunger Games / Sex and the City) last on a New York stage


'Woosical' NYNW authors Kelley Birney and Kristen Tumminello NYNW’s WOOSICAL has worked closely with panelists towards a Cast Album and plans are underway for several one acts each centering around the characters of the Woo World! SESAME STREET is in discussions with the authors to produce an animated series about the Worry Woos! Also, the Jersey City School System is incorporating some of the Woo concepts into its curriculum through theatre and music!


'Happy If Happen When' By Kimerer LaMothe Kimerer LaMothe worked with investors and producers who attended the NYNW performances and put forth a successful, full length New York run in 2018!

Working Title

'Working Title' NYNW author Denise Lynn McQueen Approached by a Festival attendee with a seven figure investment as well as by a well established Broadway Producer in attendance who wishes to take the project based on the times of one of the world's greatest rock band all the way to Broadway and the Tony Awards!

Southern Belle

'From Southern Belle to Ms. Cartel' NYNW author by Donna Thomas Approached through the Festival by a movie producer (invited by one of the Festival panelists) to develop a full length version of the show for submission into the Sundance Film Festival! Also too, the rights were optioned by a production company out of L.A. through the brokering of an NYNW panelist!!

The Coward

The Coward NYNW Playwright Katie Schwartz 2017 Festival Winner Numerous Panelists have attached themselves to Direct and Produce "The Coward" through the New York Rep Theatre Company.


'MIRANDA' By Bernard Pomerance Tony winner Bernard Pomerance’s piece led by his daughter and NYNW Panelist Eve Pomerance leaps from the NYNW stages to the Globe Theatre (2019) as it forges a path to Broadway!


'Starmites' NYNW composer, Barry Keating This Broadway revival initiated its return through NYNW and has been approached by a panelist interested in Executive Producing the project - Startmites is currently working with panelists and investors to continue its journey towards a Broadway run!

Sleepy Hollow Poster

Sleepy Hollow The Musical By: Michelle Ackerman Sleepy Hollow has had audiences howling with excitement and has teamed up with Festival attendees and a Broadway Producer to create an LLC for it's hopeful Broadway run.

Goodbye New York

"Goodbye New York" Music: Andrew Beall Lyrics: Evan McCormack Book: David Don Miller "Goodbye New York" has teamed up with Festival panelists and the New York Rep. Theater to launch the journey towards a hopeful Broadway run!


Jumper By: Kimberly Alu Several NYNW panelists have requested the full script of Jumper with the hopes of investigating a path where it can be developed further. The stars have formed a production company around the positive response garnered around its very powerful writing

Wolf Tale

Wolf Tale By Kristen Penner and Lorelei McKenzie Working with panelists on taking Wolf Tale to the Off Broadway stage; the writers have also had several of their works optioned by a Festival panelist

Jilted To Perfection

'Jilted To Perfection' Jilted To Perfection jumps from standing ovations on the NYNW stage to an Off Broadway run in 2019!

Ugly Christmas Sweater

Ugly Christmas Sweater By: Mark Butler Ugly Christmas Sweater is being produced by a Festival partner and Carnegie Hall executive, John Landt for the TRU musical series

Sistas on Fire

Sistas on Fire By Marcia McNair Creating an entire web series around a successful run at the NYNW Theatre Festival.

Love Junkie

'Love Junkie' NYNW author and 2016 winner, Bridget Barkan Working with panelists to continue its journey for an Off Broadway run in 2017 as well as a national cabaret tour. Ms. Barkan was also connected with a Bluebloods executive through a Festival attendee who then wrote in a part for her in their most recent season!

Siren's Den

'Siren's Den' NYNW author, Rori Nogee Working with panelsits and investors to execute a full production showcase lab scheduled for the Spring of 2017! A Producer has approached them after a 2018 encore with an introduction to a female led production company!

Protect The Children

'Protect the Children' NYNW author, Mara Lee Gilbert Working with panelists to develop a full length script and set to run a full production in L.A. in the Spring of 2017!

Trashman's Dilema

'Trashman's Dilema' NYNW author, Bruce Gooch Working with members of the Festival team on a European tour for both Belfast and Dublin scheduled for 2018.  Trashman was also approached by a panelist interested in Executive Producing the project!

Wings of Friendship

'Wings of Friendship' NYNW author, Julie Saltman A full length version of the show has been created and two table reads have been launched (L.A. & NYC) to bring what will be a new musical to Off Broadway with a backer's reading slated for Fall 2017. February 2018 Wings of Friendship (Taking Wing) hits the stages of 54 Below for a musical review!

Palin Live

'Palin Live' NYNW author, Erica Vlahhinos Working with panelists and investors to take this show regionally and execute a politically centric regional run in our Nation's capital, Washington D.C.!

Flesh & Spirit

'Flesh & Spirit' NYNW authors, Steven Skeels & Sara McDermott Jain Working with panelists and invstors in continuing its journey towards an Off Broadway run in 2018!

Home Sweet Home

'Home Sweet Home' NYNW author, Mary-Francis Doherty Working with panelists to erect the show at the Irish Arts Center or the Barrow Theatre in 2018!

In Love With The Arrow Collar

'In Love With The Arrow Collar' NYNW author, Lance Ringel Worked with panelists towards a very successful 2017 Off Broadway run at Theatre 80 - now investigating a future run at the next level!

Gutless & Grateful

'Gutless & Grateful' NYNW author, Amy Oestreicher The panel continues to mentor Amy as Gutless & Grateful has been asked to present a TedX talk and begins it's cabaret tour to the Metroplitian Room and 54 Below in early 2017!

Going Up!

'Going Up' NYNW creators, David & Stephen Hearst, Steve Weisbart, and Shami Arslanian Going Up has been presented by a Festival panelist with the opportunity to participate in the prestigious New York Theater Workshop. Also approached by multiple Festival attendees & panelists to elevate the project with both financial resources and resources in general to the next level. The decision has been made to self produce a tour already in the works to include Massachusetts and Canada during 2016!


'Collapse' NYNW author Michael Maher Approached through the Festival by a reputable theatre production company along with several producers promising mentorship, funding, and a hopeful Off Broadway run!

Angy Jackson

'Angie Jackson The Musical' NYNW author Vincent Kee This production been funded and is off and running for a London engagement! Also in the works is a complete series of detective stories featuring NYNW Festival's own, Angie Jackson! CONGRATULATIONS to Renata Thomas on her nomination for the Gospel Xplosion Music Media UK Awards 2016 (GXMMA). Renata Thomas has been nominated for INTERNATIONAL FEMALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR for her 2015 run of Off Broadway performances during the Festival


'Passage' Author Mara Lee Gilbert being mentored by the NYNW Panel on extending Passage into a full length production for an expected 2016 Off Broadway run!

With This Ring

'With This Ring' NYNW author by Joe Minchik Approached by a Festival attendee who wishes to invest in a full length version of the show with the hopes that it will evolve into an Off Broadway run!

O Happy Dagger

'O Happy Dagger' By Claire Tyers Festival attendees were so enthralled with powerhouse actress, Claire Tyers, they engaged her in a teaching opportunity with their organization

Carpe Diem

'Carpe Diem Airlines' Author Daniel Curzon being mentored by the NYNW Panel on extending Carpe Diem Airline into a full length production for an expected 2016 or 2017 Off Broadway run!


'The Clark Doll' NYNW author LIZ MORGAN garnered support during the 2014 Festival to create a full length theatrical production in a development series and is now in contention for the PUBLIC THEATER’S FELLOWSHIP PROGRAM!


'Admissions' Caryn Robbins and Amy Papas have worked with NYNW panelists to prepare Admissions for a hopeful Off Broadway run! Very exciting!


'Acoustic Space' ACOUSTIC SPACE was accepted into the NYNW Festival, performed for our panel, garnered funding to make a movie, won the “Award of Merit” in the best shorts competition and is headed to the Cannes!


'2014 NYNW Winners' Stephanie Iscovitz’s and Kerri Kenny Clegg’s Festival winning work, “Sleeping With Earrings On”, garnered funding to propel the Festival performance from the winner’s podium onto the silver screen! One panelist created a website for them without charge, one featured them on a video broadcast, one incorporated her into their producers group, another offered to executive produce their film without charge and brought several investors to their screening


'The Culture of Now' By Jess Domaine


'Having A Ball With God' By David Shaw With the assistance of NYNW panelists, this thought provoking project by David Shaw has evolved from the NYNW stages into what hopes to be a spectacular full length feature!


'Death of the Dollar' Michael Maher’s “Death of the Dollar” is very much alive! Working with panelists, he is fully funded and prepping for an Off Broadway run! Thrilled!

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