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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we submit any kind of show?

Only if it is one that demonstrates talent from the playwright.

Is there a limit to cast size?

No (well, they do have to fit on stage - so "no" but within reason)

Are there any hidden charges?

Theoretically, depending on the people in your world, this would be without further charge beyond the initial participation fee which is significantly lower than most every festival out there at this level (or pretty much any level). We don't even dream of charging for notes or mentorship (well, you can compensate us with baked goods or glasses of wine).

Are submissions really without charge and will they really be reviewed by a legitimate Broadway Producer?

True, you will not be charged for submitting and yes... every submission is reviewed by at least one Broadway Producer.

If selected, will my show really perform at the 199 seat theatre in Theatre Row on 42nd Street right in the heart of Broadway?

Yes... ​

The festival has been around for over four seasons - that's amazing.... Have we seen your shows as they have progressed?

Our success page speaks for itself (we never make any promises, however, we are incredibly proud. This is a major reason why we have continued with this project. Plus regardless, it is a ton of fun).

Are there fun gatherings?

Yes, we love aggregating our community together. We also love celebrating the arts and doing so with lots of wine.

What is the length of each show?

Between 10 and 25 minutes. Feedback has been that investors prefer to see several investment ready shows per evening in lieu of one performance taking up an entire afternoon (especially when it is an unknown playwright). An investor does not need 3 hours to know if there is an interest. Also, shorter shows are much easier to be produced at a high level. Many of our successes are full length shows that have been condensed and we can help you with that. ​

Shows are in prime time?

One of the issues that we've seen with other festivals are the performance times. We are realistic that many folks have lives and will not be able to see an 11am show. As producers, we're not entirely sure of the appeal on that front. Matinees aside, all performances begin at about 7pm.

Is this real?

Yup... This is a giveback project where Broadway producers / Emmy winners / industry leaders donate their time. The project is sponsored by a wonderful team that loves theatre. There are also a gillian pictures on the NYNW Facebook page with both participants and panelists that substantiate that we are not a figment. At the end of the day, our goal is to get you onto a fantastic stage at low price relative to other projects on similar stages and then help any way that we can.

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